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Written Painting by Michael Cain

150 x 120 cm

Acrylic on canvas


Written Painting by MICHAEL CAIN


I'm seeing blue, deep, rich, dark blues, that are darkest at the top. As one moves down the painting it becomes lighter and more red, or actually maroon/purple. The change is smooth.  There are small circular lines/shapes like a "u" but with a softer curve. The come from the upper left hand side and race across to the right hand bottom corner.  They are playful, they are in their own dimension. They occupy their own space on the work. They are dark but it's hard to tell what colour they really are. They swim, they love, they are saying something.  From the center emanating outward in a sphere there is a ring of faces, but not clear or easy to see at all. If you first look at the work you would probably not even notice it at all. They are mostly texture. They blend with what is around them.  The whole thing is rather soft, a vibe, a frequency. You can look at it as a whole and feel fine, or look at some of the specifics.  Finally, it should have, underneath it all, somehow, Africa. It's about the dawn of man, the dawn of time, but before shape form, life, or you might say duality. It's religious, but not western religions.  


Michael Cain

USA, September 2003

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