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Traffic on the Bridge – Written Painting by Bruce Gertz

170 x 140 cm

Acrylic on canvas 2004

Traffic on the Bridge

Written Painting by BRUCE GERTZ


So, it's night time, late 2 or 3 AM. The person is viewed from behind sitting in a chair looking out a window at a bridge which is spanning the Cape Cod Canal. There are only a few cars or trucks because it is so late at night.   From the side you can see the person is deep inside himself, observing the sparse traffic and hearing the sound as the occasional cars pass and vibrate the steel bridge. He smiles slightly as he thinks of something humorous such the living of a jazz musician.  The bedroom is a cool teal blue colour but the light is very low so he can see out.  He is wearing a colourful shirt with flowers and black pants from his gig. His hair is dark and shoes black.   The chair is wood and has a tall back on it but he leans forward a bit while gazing at the bridge intent on getting something from the experience.  And he does. He gets a beautiful song from the sound and mood of his thoughts and feelings.                                                                  


Bruce Gertz

USA, January 2003

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