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003_Pauline Oliveros.jpg

Written Painting by Pauline Oliveros

120 x 120 cm

Acrylic on canvas


Written Painting by PAULINE OLIVEROS


Face the canvas - close your eyes and listen. Listen globally to all the sounds that you can possibly perceive as if you were at the center of a continually expanding and fluctuating sphere. Sounds come and go, some stay-some are loud some are soft some or very faint and subtle take them all in. Include the sounds of your own thoughts and body as part of the weaving of sounds or vibrations.  After at least 15 -20 minutes of listening in this way - replay the sounds you have heard mentally and visualise them as a textured weaving. Allow the different layers their special colours.  Then begin the painting as you continue to follow the sounds around you and inside of you.  


Pauline Oliveros

USA. November 2003

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